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hello, i'm meira!
welcome to my page!! <3

??? yrs old. she/her. vampire vtuber.

streams are usually every thursday around 6-7pm est on twitch. check my twitter to keep up with the schedule!

live / general ⟢ #meiraonline
art ⟢ #onlyvamps
clips ⟢ #covenclips

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06/22/22 ♡ I REACHED 1K ON TWITCH?! couldnt have done it without you guys, thank you!!

05/05/22 ♡ revamp time!!! i have a whole new look!

02/22/22 ♡ finally decided to tidy up my page!!

02/02/22 ♡ i've been looking forward to changing my look up for a hot minute was feeling a bit impatient with keeping it a secret so i shared it here!!

06/17/2020 ♡ today's my first ever stream!! very nervous but i think it'll go well??

06/08/2004 ♡ oH great heavens



Bleach - Kon

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♡ use these commands in the twitch chat!

!blood - give meira a lil snack <3
!command - see twitch command list
!collab - links for others in collab
!discord - link to discord
!f - pay respects
!lurk - let meira know you're lurking
!pet - pet eli the bat
!raid - get the raid message
!socials - get a link to all socials
!song - eli says song name (spotify)
!throne - link to throne wishlist
!twitter - twitter link
!unlurk - let meira know you're back
!uptime - see stream time

+ art & rig by crissie

+ design by saga
+ model art by mitsubi
+ rig by hunnycatt

+ overlays by me
+ emotes by ぽち公さんのページ
+ room by popscream
+ chat code by seol
+ opening bgm by avilon
+ just chatting bgm by lofi geek

all of these people are super talented! please make sure to visit their pages! <3

i make stingers for twitch / youtube streams!
stinger commisions currently have a soft open for mutuals only. if you're interested, send me a dm!

❗ a stinger is basically an animated transition that happens between scenes

🔗 you can get some free stingers I've made from right here! keep a look out because I plan on making more freebies in the future!!!